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Impactful AI Assistant Across Channels

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Virtual Assistant

Invoke the power of AI to ask questions, ignite brainstorming sessions, or solicit help in crafting messages directly on Slack.

Universal Presence

Deploy the bot across all Slack channels, ensuring you have intelligent support wherever it's needed.

Optimize Your Impact

Increase team collaboration and productivity with the aid of our AI-driven bot, making every interaction more meaningful and impactful.

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Power Models at Your Fingertips

Stay updated with new models - just type 'help' for the latest information. Utilize specific models directly on Slack with the /dall-e or /bard commands.

Empower Your Work.

Use high-performing AI models like Dall-E and Bard to supercharge your work processes.

Optimized Productivity

Leverage these AI models to streamline tasks, innovate faster, and drive enhanced outcomes.

Endless Possibilities

Unleash the potential of AI in reshaping workflows, stimulating creativity, and propelling growth.

Thread Summarizer

Summarize lengthy threads with ease by clicking on 'More Options' at the start of the thread, then select 'Thread Summary' from ChatScopeAI

Efficient Understanding

Don't waste time scrolling through endless threads. Get comprehensive summaries and dive straight into the crux of discussions.

Insights at a Glance

Our AI-powered thread summarizer provides distilled insights so you can keep up with the pace of your team's conversations.

Time Management

Spend less time understanding and more time engaging, leading to better productivity.

Discover the Benefits of ChatScope AI


Harness the Power of Advanced AI

Connect your team with the world's most advanced AI models, including ChatGPT, Dall-E, Bard and more. Unleash creativity, optimize tasks and drive innovation.


Cost-Effective AI Solution

Get the best AI technology at an affordable price. With flexible plans and efficient usage, every team can experience the transformative power of AI.


Total Control with Usage Tracking

Manage your resources effectively. Monitor and limit user activity to ensure cost-effective AI usage and prevent misuse


Easy Integration with Slack

Keep things simple. Seamlessly integrate with Slack and enable your entire team to benefit from AI's power without having to leave the comfort of their preferred platform.

In-Depth Insights for

Data Analyst

A data analyst can leverage AI models to extract insights from complex data sets, improving the speed and accuracy of their analysis.

Insightful Analysis

Leverage advanced AI for deep, meaningful data interpretation and insights.

Accelerated Processing

Speed up data processing and analysis with AI-powered automation.

Accurate Predictions

Improve the accuracy of your forecasts with AI's predictive capabilities.

Efficient Coordination for

Project Manager

A project manager can use ChatScope AI to streamline communication, improve team collaboration, and automate routine tasks.


Enhance your team's communication with AI-driven suggestions and predictive analysis.


Let AI take over routine tasks, freeing up your time for more strategic work.


Improve team collaboration with AI-powered suggestions and smart responses.

Creative Expansion for

Content Creator

Content creators can use AI models to generate ideas, draft content, design visuals, thus expanding their creative possibilities.

AI-Assisted Ideation

Use AI to brainstorm and generate innovative content ideas.

Efficient Content Creation

Streamline your content creation process with AI-driven writing and editing tools.

Dynamic Visual Design

Leverage Dall-E to create unique visuals and enhance your content.

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